It was a great pleasure to work with Fiona Linnane during Vocalypse Productions Opera from Scratch 2013 workshop.  I can truthfully say that Fiona’s opera was the most intelligently constructed of all the mini operas in the program.  It had a definite dramatic arc from beginning to end and this was reflected in her musical writing.  She has complete command of her unique voice as a composer and her vocal writing is sensational.  In ten minutes she was able to compose an opera which depicted optimism, hysteria, fear, and realism.

Fiona is a find for any singer or organization interested in commissioning an opera.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as an artist and composer.

Janice Jackson

Artistic Director.  Vocalypse Productions, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Fiona succeeded in providing access to classical music to a very large section of the local community. Performances were imaginatively and professionally presented in a variety of public and unusual venues and were all highly enjoyable. 

Fiona’s hard work and determination enabled her to carry through an ambitious range of elements in the Bells across the Burren project. She fully engaged the local community of all ages – from volunteers to clear the trail through to musicians to perform the new compositions. Her talent as a composer and musician are equally matched by a professionalism and ability to work with people to complete projects to the highest level.

Mary Hawkes

Director.  Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, County Clare


It was such a joyful experience listening to Fiona’s Gentiana Verna come alive in our midst, in much the same way as the Burren flowers of the song itself unfold. For the singers it felt that we too had become part of the creative process.   Just to give music to the names of our flowers in Irish, brought our attention back to these little wonders that surround us and can be so easily go forgotten.

The audiences both at the Burren College of Art and University Concert Hall, Limerick loved it (judging from their reaction).  We all look forward to a future collaboration.”

Archie Simpson

Director.  Lismorahaun Singers, County Clare


Fiona’s latest project There are No Wrong Notes was a huge success.  The children enjoyed and learnt so much from their intense exposure to composing and creating their own sound stories.  Fiona shared her knowledge with the rest of the staff and in doing so has given us confidence to nurture a culture of creativity in music in all our pupils.”

Elaine Lyons

Principal.  Shountrade National School, Limerick


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